Why Megatrax

"I've been a videographer/producer/editor for a little over ten years now and as a musician myself, getting to marry the video to the music is by far my favorite part of my job. It seems to breath life into each project I do and there are moments perusing your site where I hear a song and think, "I HAVE to use that somewhere!" and there has been a few times where an actual song inspires a project and then other times I grab a handful of possible choices and like puzzle pieces, I try them out until one "fits".

So, I've been really happy with Megatrax's selection and as you've seen, my area of specialty is human interest pieces, so keep up the good work and tell your composers to keep up the good work and I could always use more of this kind of material! ;)"

Trevor Hands
Creative Director

"Megatrax came through for me again!

I called and left a message for Belinda and received several great tracks "horn build" - then our direction changed. Wednesday AM, I spoke to a music supervisor who very quickly found me several great tracks which we were able to use immediately on a video demo that will be presented in a meeting next week (hopefully.)

I'm a musician and producer and always enjoyed the search part of the job, but ever since the first (panicking a short deadline) time I used Megatrax music supervisors for a search it became super apparent that not only do they share my general knowledge of music and ideas for tracks, but they know their excellent library better than I ever could, plus they see trends and know what kind of music is working for different applications and agency producers. And it's free!

Now I always ask the Music heads at Megatrax for help. Thanks again for your great work and your fast turn around. Megatrax is number 1 or the only one for me."

Richard Zempel
Creative Director
Noble Communications
Springfield, MO
Chicago, IL

"As the creative imaging director for the last 7 years here in Washington, DC, Megatrax has taken the WJFK brand to new heights, time and time again. Making my work look like the hero. The kind of hero that wears a red cape and gets you high fives in the hallway. Their attention to customer service and building relationships is above and beyond any business model. But most importantly, Megatrax's library of current and always updated jams runs parallel with today's radio hits. Something I've found the competition simply can't match."

Brian Peck
Creative Imaging Director
CBS Radio Washington DC

"Megatrax has some of the most diverse and authentic sounding libraries I have ever used. An easy to navigate website and search engine makes finding that right music bed easier than ever. Aside from great voice talent nothing can make a spot a great spot more than great music beds. Megatrax has them. In spades."

Jeff Kirkwood
Production Manager
104.5 CHUMFM, Toronto

"Megatrax is my GO-TO source for kick-ass production music. Their user-friendly site, helpful staff and constantly updated libraries speed up my workflow. From quirky to sentimental to adrenaline-pumping tracks, you'll find just the right flavor of music here."

Clay Miller
Producer / Director / Copywriter
VI Marketing & Branding

"I was introduced to Megatrax by our editor who had used their libraries' several times before. He selected what he assumed would be temp tracks, but when we heard them we felt they were just what we were looking for. As a producer of a very low budget documentary, cost was obviously a factor. We had a composer who was doing good work but when we received our quotes from Megatrax, and factored in the time it would take to replace their cues with original compositions, sticking with our Megatrax cues made the most sense. It's a decision we've never regretted as we get compliments on the music at every screening.

"Working with Megatrax has been a simple, and even enjoyable, process. Our Megatrax representative, Karrin, was always available, very generous with her time, and extremely patient to guide us through licensing our cues — something none of us had ever done before. I very much look forward to working with her again, and I know I will because, when next we need library music, Megatrax will be atop the list of companies we call."

Cameron Fletcher Murphy
This American Journey

"I just finished producing seven spots for use during this season. It was a rush job for two different clients.

"I wanted you to know that I found EXACTLY what I was looking for when I searched the database. I didn't have to settle for something less than I wanted. I FOUND it.

"I've gotten some flack from industry friends for changing companies. They have some negative opinions (without ever listening to your music or demoing your library).

"Press on. Keep making great music. Yes, I want more search terms and metadata and an easier to navigate website, but I became a fan this week."

W. Mark Whitlock
GSF Media

"Megatrax has been a lifesaver for us. Anything we could ever want is in there. If we need a bed for a grand opening of a store that only sells left-footed shoes on Tuesdays, it's there. AND, it's easy to find, download, and use. So thank you. There was some fantastic stuff we used for Memorial Day."

Big Zak
1015 The One

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