Valentine's Day

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MQ MQ003 8 It's Only You That I Love 
Swingin', snappy big band charmer w/ dazzling brass and hip, lively male vox

Swingers & Crooners
Writer(s): Charles R. Blaker (ASCAP), Kevin L. Hiatt (ASCAP), William Patrick Ryan (ASCAP)
Publisher(s): Audio Pilot Music (ASCAP)
Ensembles > Big Band, Vocals > Male Vocals, Jazz > Big Band, Jazz > Swing, , Vocals > With Lyrics, Energetic > Energetic/Lively, Musical Feel > Sophisticated, Positive/Optimistic > Happy/Feel Good, Woodwinds/Reeds > Sax - Alto/Tenor, Radio Formats > Standards/Jazz, Jazz, Vocals
Tempo: Medium
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MX MX255 10 Love Is A Four Letter Word 
Retro '60s soul w/ horns, strings & sassy female lead vocal

Pop Divas 2
Writer(s): William Jay Bergman (ASCAP), Andrew David Kastner (ASCAP)
Publisher(s): JRM Music (ASCAP)
Urban > Soul/Classic Soul, , Vocals > With Lyrics, Vocals > Female Vocals, Strings > String Section, Keyboards > Organ - Electric, Brass > Horn Section, 1960s, Energetic > Energetic/Lively, Musical Feel > Soulful, Positive/Optimistic > Positive/Optimistic, Radio Formats > CHR Rhythmic/Urban Contemporary, Electronica/Dance, Pop/Rock, Vocals
Tempo: Fast
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TS TS070 19 My Darlin' 
Sophisticated, sentimental ballad w/ female vocal, strings & horns

Anthology 3: 1960s
Writer(s): Mary Jo Greene (BMI), Gregory Joseph Herzenach (ASCAP), Alan L. Wolovitch (ASCAP)
Publisher(s): Fulton Avenue Music (BMI), Saticoy Music (ASCAP)
1960s, Urban > Soul/Classic Soul, Pop/Rock > Ballad, , Vocals > Female Vocals, Keyboards > Piano - Acoustic, Strings > String Section, Emotional > Warm, Romantic > Romantic, Musical Feel > Soulful, Radio Formats > Oldies/Classic Hits, Vocals > With Lyrics, Pop/Rock, Funk/Soul/R&B, Vocals
Tempo: Slow
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BB BB014 13 Beautifully In Love 
Sensual, devotional R&B w/ dreamy guitars & deep chords

Song Bites 3: R&B - Pop
Writer(s): C. Andyman (BMI), Marc K. Nelson (SESAC), T. Winkie (ASCAP)
Publisher(s): BB Treats (ASCAP), Beat Bites (BMI), Candy Sac (SESAC), JRM Music (ASCAP), Leading Tone (SESAC), Leading Tone (SESAC), Megatrax Music (BMI)
Atmospheric > Dreamy, Romantic > Romantic, Romantic > Sexy/Sensual, Guitar/Stringed > Guitar - Electric, Keyboards > Synth, Other > Sound Design/FX, Percussion > Chimes, Vocals > Male Vocals, Urban > R&B Contemporary, , Vocals > With Lyrics, Radio Formats > CHR Rhythmic/Urban Contemporary, Hip Hop/Urban, Vocals
Tempo: Slow
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DEM DEM071 6 You Are The One  
A mockney acoustic reggae ditty. Sweet, quirky & with a wistful reminisce. WWI whistling @ 1:49.

Picnic Pop
Writer(s): Charlie Felix Fieber (PRS), Ella Jones (BMI), Mark James Pigden (PRS)
Publisher(s): Deep East Music America (ASCAP), Deep East Music Ltd. (PRS), DEM London Publishing (BMI), DEM London Publishing (BMI), Megatrax Music (BMI), Megatrax Music (BMI)
Retail/Lifestyles, Keyboards > Piano - Rhodes, Guitar/Stringed > Guitar - Electric, Keyboards > Synth Bass, Musical Feel > Folky, Positive/Optimistic > Happy/Feel Good, Pop/Rock > Indie Pop, , Vocals > With Lyrics, Vocals > Female Vocals, Positive/Optimistic > Positive/Optimistic, Radio Formats > CHR/Top 40/Mainstream, Pop/Rock, Vocals
Tempo: Medium Slow
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MQ MQ003 3 We Keep Falling In Love 
Classy, romantic crooner w/ confident male vox, big band & strings

Swingers & Crooners
Writer(s): William Joseph Lervold (BMI), Andre Pessis (ASCAP)
Publisher(s): Audio Pilot Music (ASCAP), Song Loft Music (BMI)
Ensembles > Big Band, Strings > String Section, Vocals > Male Vocals, Keyboards > Piano - Acoustic, Jazz > Big Band, Jazz > Swing, Jazz > Crooner, Vocals > With Lyrics, Romantic > Romantic, Power/Prestige > Confident/Determined, Musical Feel > Sophisticated, Radio Formats > Standards/Jazz, Jazz, Vocals
Tempo: Medium
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MX MX285 21 Stay Forever 
Moody country pop ballad feat. acoustic guitars, string pads and female vocal

Modern Country
Writer(s): Brett Carr Boyett (BMI), Katie Michaelson (ASCAP)
Publisher(s): JRM Music (ASCAP), Megatrax Music (BMI)
Guitar/Stringed > Guitar - Acoustic, Country > Ballad, , Vocals > With Lyrics, Emotional > Poignant/Emotional, Musical Feel > Sparse/Minimal, Emotional > Sentimental, Vocals > Female Vocals, Strings > String Section, Country, Vocals
Tempo: N/A
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SN SN006 23 Encuentro Romantico (Romantic Escapade) 
Bolero expresivo y magnifico con orquesta de cuerdas (Expressive, magnificent bolero with string orchestra)

Romantic Ballads
Writer(s): Jorge M. Calandrelli (ASCAP)
Publisher(s): Musica Sensacional (ASCAP)
Latin > Bolero, Strings > String Section, Emotional > Sentimental, Latin > Romantic Ballad, Woodwinds/Reeds > Oboe, Keyboards > Piano - Acoustic, Brass > French Horn, Guitar/Stringed > Guitar - Nylon String/Spanish, Percussion > Percussion - Latin, Romance > Light Romance, Romance > Schmaltzy/Cheesy, Relaxed > Gentle/Delicate, Emotional > Warm, Radio Formats > Romantica/Tropical, World Music > Contemporary, Latin, Romance
Tempo: Slow
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INX INX214 3 Rendezvous In Blue 
Romantic Filmscore-Swing, vintage strings, trumpet, nice

Vintage Love
Writer(s): Gert Wilden (GEMA)
Publisher(s): Intervox Edition (GEMA), Megatrax Music/Intervox (BMI)
Romance > Light Romance, Drama > Cinematic Score, Ensembles > Orchestra, Strings > Violin, Keyboards > Piano - Acoustic, Brass > Trumpet, Romantic > Romantic, Romantic > Sexy/Sensual, Positive/Optimistic > Playful, Comedy > Kitsch, 1960s, Romance, Comedy/Kitsch
Tempo: Medium Slow
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