General Topics
Q: I would like to see a tutorial about my download account, where can I find it?

A: Right here! Back to Top

Q: I would like to submit my music to Megatrax, what do I do?

A: Megatrax does not accept unsolicited materials. Please do not send anything as it will not be reviewed or returned. Thank you for your understanding. Back to Top

Q: I am currently accessing your music via a 3rd party aggregator (e.g., Netmix, Dashbox, etc.). Will these systems be updated to reflect this catalog change?

A: All third party aggregators have been notified of this catalog change. No action is needed on your part. Back to Top

Q: Is Megatrax an aggregator?

A: No. Megatrax commissions professional composers and songwriters to create 100% new, original music. Back to Top

Q: Where does Megatrax get its music from?

A: All of the music in Megatrax’s libraries is created by professional composers, songwriters, arrangers and musicians. Many of our writers have major credits in film, television and commercial music. Back to Top

Q: What sort of quality control procedures does Megatrax follow?

A: All of our music is carefully screened and vetted to ensure that it is 100% original and consistent with our high production standards. Back to Top

Q: Does Megatrax have music directors on staff?

A: Yes. Megatrax maintains a staff of trained, dedicated music directors to help you find exactly the right track for your project. Music directors may be reached via email, phone or live chat. There is no charge for this service. Back to Top

Q: Can Megatrax compose a track for me if I don’t find exactly what I am looking for in your library?

A: Absolutely. Through our Aircast division, Megatrax provides custom scoring services for a wide range of projects, from promos and jingles to feature films and news packages. Please click here for more info. Back to Top

Q: Can Megatrax alter a track for me if it is not quite perfect?

A: Absolutely. We have archives from most of our sessions and can tweak most tracks to your exact specification. Studio engineering hour rates will apply. Back to Top

Q: Are stems (stripes) available for your tracks?

A: For many of our tracks, stems are available. Please inquire on a case by case basis. Back to Top

Q: Does Megatrax use professional mastering on all your tracks?

A: Yes. All tracks in the Megatrax libraries are mastered at professional mastering houses including Capitol Mastering, Bernie Grundman Mastering and Dave Collins Mastering. Back to Top

Q: Is Megatrax a buyout library?

A: No, Megatrax is a high-quality library that is licensed on a per use (needledrop) basis or on an annual blanket license to selected clients. Our rates are among the most competitive in the industry for the highest quality production music. Back to Top

Q: What kind of music does your library contain?

A: We have CDs featuring includely every style of music including: Drama, Comedy, Pop, Rock, Dance, R&B, Blues, Country, Jazz, Big Band, Orchestral, News & Sports, Latin, Christmas, and more. With dozens of styles and thousands of tracks, you'll have everything you need at your fingertips for all of your musical needs. Back to Top

Q: How many CDs do you release per year?

A: We release approximately 100 new CDs per year. We greatly value client feedback and all new releases are client-driven. Back to Top

Licensing Questions
Q: Who can license the library for an annual fee and how much do the license fees cost?

A: Anyone can purchase an annual blanket license. Traditionally, annual blanket licenses make the most fiscal sense for TV and radio broadcasters, corporations, educational institutes, government agencies and churches. If an annual blanket license does not meet your needs, we can provide a variety of solutions through our standard needledrop rate schedule. Please contact us directly for a competitive quote. Back to Top

Q: I need to fill out a cue sheet, where can I find one?

A: Right here! Back to Top

Q: Are any amendments needed to my existing contract with Megatrax?

A: No amendments are necessary. You will be receiving a revised “Exhibit A” in the mail as an annex to your existing agreement, for your files. Back to Top

Q: Are Megatrax’s catalogs exclusive or non-exclusive?

A: We are 100% exclusive. All music in the Megatrax libraries is available exclusively from Megatrax. Back to Top

Q: How do I report music usages (for needledrop clients)?

A: Music usages may be reported by phone, fax, mail, e-mail or via our website. License application forms are available in PDF format here to simplify the reporting process. Back to Top

Customer Service
Q: I have been asked to join a remote session, what do I do?

A: PC users click here. You will be prompted with a file download security warning. Please choose the Run option. You will then be prompted with another security warning, please click Run again. The Megatrax QuickSupport application will launch. Please provide "Your ID" and "Password" to your Megatrax Support Representative.

Mac users click here. Depending on your preferences, you may be asked to confirm the download of TeamViewerQS.dmg. The file is about 18 MB. Please choose your desktop. If you aren't prompted, it is likely in your Downloads folder. Once the download is complete, please open the .dmg file (if it doesn't open on its own) and launch the TeamViewer QuickSupport application. Back to Top

Q: I tried to download but I got an error saying I don’t have download privileges or have exceeded my download limit.

A: A: If you have just registered and don’t have an active contract with Megatrax, you will not be given download access until you complete the contract process. A: If you have just registered and have an active contract with Megatrax, your account will be updated with download access shortly and you will be notified by email. A: If you have been given download access but are still getting this message, it may mean you have reached your maximum number of downloads. If you feel that this is in error, please contact us at 866.MEGA.555 A: If you have download rights this message may indicate that you are trying to download from a catalog that is not covered by your current agreement. You can verify this by contacting us, checking your agreement, or setting your Preferences to only show licensed media. (Go to the My Megatrax page, click Preferences, select "search only licensed media" and click update/apply). Back to Top

Q: I get a message saying "This song is currently unavailable"

A: It means the song is currently unavailable for download. Please select a different song. If you definitely need that song, please contact our music supervisors at: 866-349-0276 or Back to Top

Q: I didn't get a return mailing label for my updates, what do I do?

A: Click here to download a PDF copy. Back to Top

Q: Who is my sales representative?

A: Please call 818-255-7100 and we will contact your representative. Or, contact us through "LivePerson" on our website and we will look up your account. Back to Top

Technical Support
Q: I'm having problems with your website

A: Please call 818-255-7100, option 3, or contact us via "LivePerson" on the home page. Back to Top

Q: I cannot access my download account.

A: Please call 818-255-7100, option 3, or contact us via "LivePerson" on the home page. Back to Top

Q: I can't play music, what is going on?

A: Please update your Adobe Flash Player by clicking here. Back to Top

Q: After clicking download and selecting the file format I want, I still can't download.

A: You may need to update your Java. PC users can do so by going to, Mac users can do so by clicking here. Mac users should get their Java updates through Software Update, but if you need to use this link here please check with your IT department to make sure you have the correct permissions. Back to Top

Q: I can't preview audio on Safari version 4.

A: Please update to Safari version 5. Back to Top

Q: I get an error message saying "Sound Timeout" and/or "Sound Error", what do I need to do?

A: Please update your Adobe Flash player at Back to Top

Q: I have an inactive plug-in when I try to download multiple tracks at once on my Mac, how can I fix this?

A: Please run Software Update and look for the latest Java update. Once installing, you will need to click the arrow pointing to the right of the "Inactive Plug-in" message and click Enable. You will then need to restart your browser. If you would like us to help you with this fix, please contact us at or 866-494-7179. Back to Top

Q: How do I update my Megatrax hard drive system to reflect this catalog change?

A: These instructions are intended to apply only to Megatrax’s MXHD version 2.2. If you don’t have version 2.2 of MXHD loaded into your system, you can download it from Instructions are available to help you with the install, or you can call our tech support specialists who can walk you through the installation at 866.494.7179 or

If you load your music in to another system please make sure to update your library information in accordance with your Megatrax licensed content.

- In order to remove Amusicom from your MXHD, please visit:
- There you will find a link to “The latest update for MXHD”. Save this zip file to your computer.
- Also, please retrieve your license file from the My Megatrax area of Save this xml file to your computer.
- Login to MXHD as MXHDAdmin, click My Megatrax on MXHD and click Update.
- Click Browse or Choose File and navigate to the that you’ve saved to your computer.
- After clicking “Load new update file”, you’ll be asked for your license file.
- Click Browse or Choose File and navigate to it and then click “Load new license file”.
- MXHD will begin updating your drive.
- After it has updated the data, click “Return to My Megatrax” and you’re all done!

If you have any questions or concerns about this update, please contact Tech Support at 866.494.7179 or Back to Top

Q: Why can't I download a song?

A: Please contact us through "LivePerson" on the website, or call 818-255-7100. Our customer service department can help. Back to Top

How to Reach Us

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Licensed tracks will be
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NOTE: Instant licensing is available for limited
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and South America. For all other territories and
licensing queries, please contact

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