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Scary ghost mix for wonderfully macabre and weird situations and for Halloween stories including tricky tragedies and spooky black humour. Trick or treat?
Ride smart! Driving forward and feeling free moods for urban mobility no matter what car you share or board you take. Less engine for more style.
All puppies are cute but some have that certain je ne sais quoi making them irresistible. Playful, funny and cheeky moods for your adorable little ones. What's your favourite puppy?
Family Entertainment! Happy ending mix for little wonders, innocent worries, imaginative stories, dramatic entanglements and the big final scene.
Make it real! Inspiring moods for living dreams, opening minds and changing life for the better. Do what you love. Love what you do!
Forceful camouflage mix for dangerous missions, military actions and secret operations.
Powerful documentary material for big animals and majestic pictures. Choose from constant tension, dramatic developments, sneaky dark atmospheres and the survival of the fittest.
Interrogative mix for the unexplained. Whether you want it or not. Subtle to exciting moods for investigation and puzzled minds.
Smart and minimalistic mix for intercommunication from artificial intelligence to resource optimization and information sharing. Get connected to the Internet of things and be part of the global community.
Delicate, crystalline, levitating. Glassy stylish mix for design topics, visual arts, architectural constructions, chemical compounds and physical phenomena. See through and get amazed!
Nature never stops. Warm and positive moods for outdoor documentaries and thrilling landscape scenes from sunset to dawn.
Fresh and easy springtime mix for a million outdoor activities into the nature or in the city. Hello Spring, so nice to see you again!
Not all facts are true. Community-driven post-truth mix for fake stories prizing passion above all else. Reality is an option, it is the sensation that counts!
Ready to go offline? Warm and calm urban mix for awareness, downsizing, social engagement and rethinking. Slow down, reset and start all over again.
Watch out, bargain hunters! Charming vintage tunes for totally kitsch oddities and rarities from the flea markets to the auction houses. A million things on sale, priceless memories included.
Consumer oriented mix for rating reports, product tests and service checks. Baby car seat, electric toothbrush, all-purpose glue: what's going to be Product of the Year?
Tranquilizer or stimulant? Blurred to pounding "pharma" mix for questions about drug dosage and administration, interactions and side effects. Please, read all of this leaflet carefully before you start using t…
The truth behind: minimalistic moods for suspicious stories and questionable facts. Ask and it shall be answered!
Hunting the elusive! Fanciful mix for mazy sceneries, haunted places and beautiful chimeras. Scared or excited?
It's urban siesta time! Latin mix for Spanish flavoured city style including traditional stereotypes such as bullfighting, passion and party. Hola, ¿qué tal?
A legend is born! The fraction of a second is the difference between a mere gold medal and a real record-breaker. Powerful to dramatic tunes for unforgettable moments in sports history.
Hope springs eternal! Subtle and warm moods for pensive moments between trepidation and new confidence.
Please hold the line while we try to connect you. Patient, monotonous to frantic and anxious moods for lining up stories, downloads and any sort of waiting situation in transit zones. Keep calm and wait your tu…
Vicious and hard trailer music for pressure crescendo and mind torture. Welcome to hell!


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