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Ultra hip retro lounge tracks featuring equal parts '60's kitsch mixed with stylish loops and DJ fx, plus a dash of je ne sais quoi
Music plays such an important role in Suspense/Thriller cinema. Simple but effective in shocking people to the bone. That's why it becomes so important to underline scary scenes. Check this CD out and get the …
Blue skies, pretty sunsets, no stress - whether you are in a mood of romantic getaway or snorkeling, this CD is helping you to escape to white sandy beaches of exotic tropical islands. Dive in.
Welcome to the unknown. Apparitions, spirits awaiten you. Watch out for ghosts and beasts that come out of haunted houses to get you. This CD is rich with mysteries and truths of the immortal soul.
The enchanting world of fairy tales will always exist. The melodies on this CD range from sweet to menacing, skillfully changing to match the mood. A must for everybody.
Undisturbed wilderness that can only be experienced by walking in. We invite you to dive into a world of ethnic mystery and a musical journey into the great wide open.
Light, positive contemporary beds designed for promos, commercials and PSA's
A tribute to America featuring inspiring contemporary arangements and original themes, plus bonus track with vocals
Scary tales are always fascinating people around the globe. Stories of ghostly thumping noises, gasps, moans, and a terrible wet bloodstain that appears on the floor of the front porch and cannot be wiped away …
If you ever experienced CEBIT you know what this CD is about. Bits & Bytes to the spirit of computers world. Musical adrenaline & vitamines for PC professionals & computer junkies.
This very special CD will take you on a journey to the very heart of Italian music. Experience the romance and spirit that reflects the true essence of this beautiful and historic country.
"Sunny regards from China, Tibet, Bali and Japan." A musical journey passing mystical monk songs and temple bells. A touch of traditional and modern World Music giving you an impression of the Asian culture.
If you are trying to taste the West, don't miss this CD. You'll get a picture of freedom, wide corn fields, campfire romantic, etc. A CD with lots of Bluegrass, Folk and Blues. Kick back and start boozin'.
Electronica meets hip hop in this original collection of pop/dance tracks
Hollywood-style comedy/dramedy/family themes featuring the Philharmonia Orchestra of London, plus short cues, stingers and fanfares
Hollywood-style emotional drama/romance themes featuring the Philharmonia Orchestra of London, plus cinematic solo piano themes
Hollywood-style epic human drama themes, featuring the Philharmonia Orchestra of London and choir
Hollywood-style action/thriller themes, featuring the Philharmonia Orchestra of London and choir
Hollywood-style gala/event/fanfare and epic adventure themes, featuring the Philharmonia Orchestra of London and choir
One of the greatest things about a dramatic movie is its score. What would a great scene be if there wasn't any dramatic music in the background? Drama and epic of the MME-Series is specially written for scenes…
Being confronted with news and regions where aggression and war has become everyday life, this CD shows all aspects of soldiers struggling: heroism, human drama and the never ending hope for a better world.
When the air is filled with spring, people each year start re-discover what nature really offers. This compilation mirrors a variety of neutral panoramic scenes as well as distinctive German, Austrian and Swiss…
A musical journey through the Arabian world. Sounds of the Middle East and the deserts. Muezzin Songs and Indian ambient music.
Welcome to Formula One, the most expensive circus of the world This CD reflects the emotions of a dangerous race, roaring machines, heros of speed and not to forget pretty women with tight bras in the box.
And the winner is....Proms and starlets can't wait to stand in the spotlight of awards and partying. A CD for hanging out with the VIPs.


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