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Edgy rock/electronica-influenced promo beds with multiple internal stings
A rockin' collection of party cuts featuring R & B, Latin, jump swing, retro 60s, punk ska styles and more
A slammin' variety of modern rock cuts including industrial, metal, alternative, punk ska, groovy retro styles and more
Hot contemporary Latin pop tracks featuring sizzling horns, guitars and percussion
Desperation, hopelessness, resignation - the bleak and doomful sides of life.
First Love, first tears. Painful memories of tender moments, sweet kisses, intimate embraces, togetherness. Why did it have to end? All tracks are illustrated by great orchestral sound.
Relaxation pure. Modern sound for easy living. Ballads for sitting in your favourite armchair. Light-hearted pop that makes life worth it. Groovy sound that animates the couch potato.
Move your body, explore the extreme. Lots of action, lots of fun. XXL-sound with XXL-effects. Cool!
Charlie Chaplin at his best. The original soundtrack of the Charlie Chaplin series ("Spass mit Charlie") now available for your best comedy and slapstick situations. Slippery floors, stumbling rollerblades, hit…
Lots of laughter, lots of fun, lots of icing on the birthday cake. Enjoy the Kid's World!
No mountain too high, no ocean too deep. Rise to the challenge, push yourself to the limit. Extreme situations require extreme measures. Not for the timid!
The overwhelming silhouette of a mountain range, the ocean stretching in its immensity, the infinite vasteness of a desert, the sea of lights of a big city at night, the expanse of the universe - big orchestral…
Destination outward bound, travelling roads and passing through, all belongings in one small back-pack. Lasting impressions, fleeting companionship. So many places, so many people, the memory begins to blur. It…
Big big romance. Just relax and go with the flow.
Dive into the dark. Glide through the floating waterworld. Listen to the spherical underwater scenery. Feel whales passing by - calmy.
Louis XIV requests the pleasure of your company at his winter ball. The costumes are dazzling, the air flirtatious, sounds of laughter and champagne glasses clinking. The orchestra strikes up a dance.
The band stopped playing a long time ago, just a few lonely souls still holding on to their whiskey. The smell of stale smoke hangs in the air, the girl behind the bar begins to tidy up. Slowly, Sam picks up hi…
Young, black and hip. Bell-bottom-trousers, frilly shirts, platform shoes. A cool, laid-back sound.
Been partying all night. Twilight, walking back, exhausted but happy. No hangover - yet. Relax and calm down.
Saturday night, all dressed up, going to your favourite club. Moving around, anticipating. The feeling is right - make it last.
It's been a long night. Too much alcohol, too many cigarettes. Heading home in the early hours of the morning, feeling somewhat light-headed. Deserted streets, a slight drizzle. Dustbin men begin to clear the s…
Dark and enigmatic: a secret underground session, the lights are gloomy, the atmosphere somber and strange. Masked figures executing ceremonious acts, naked bodies chanting and moving to the rhythm, hypnotized.…
Espionage and counterespionage, beautiful women and ugly secrets, fast cars and slow-burning cigars, money gained and money lost, lust for power and lust for more, dry Martinis and very dry humour...
The facelessness of a big city, anonymous concrete blocks smeared with graffity, youths ganging up, the wailing of police sirenes. The atmosphere is charged, threatening, the calm before the storm.
A must for all TV-addicts: a colourful mixture of TV-trailers for all uses.


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