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Hip & cool retro jazz/funk grooves featuring live rhythm section, vintage keys, sax & percussion
Extreme impact cutting-edge orchestral/techno trailer styles
A chart-topping collection of modern rock cuts including alternative, metal, grunge, garage rock, groovy/retro styles and more
Powerful building techno-inspired suspense/action and human drama cues, plus poignant emotional themes featuring string orchestra, piano and winds
Criminal energy is within everybody who is frustrated but there's also a hero in most of us. MME 807 is a compilation of atmospheric moods, from suspense to action, from positive to negative and from fast to sl…
This CD has been compiled for people who need optimistic music. Versatile in styles, it can be suitable for all kinds of happy, weird and comedic situations, with a breeze of summer feeling. 54 tracks of fine m…
The "Unplugged" trend started back in the early 1990's. Although many years have passed, acoustic music has never been out of style. This album is an essential for every editor searching for great acoustic guit…
Night time in a bad area. Police officers searching for dealers and gangsters. Only two blocks away, youngsters are breaking into a house and robbing all they can get. This CD is suitable for most situations fr…
Stretching from north to south and east to west, Africa is certainly a rich and continuous mosaic of landscapes and one of the richest refuges for wildlife. listen to 62 minutes of African sound showing scenes …
This CD is a compilation of easy, cool pop music. If you need grooving sound for a TV or radio spot this CD is the right choice. But it is also suitable for industrial films or TV background music which needs a…
High impact reality drama styles featuring versatile sound design, ambient/pad and drone submixes
High impact reality drama beds in a wide range of styles including action/thriller, mystery/suspense, horror, urban and more
Hard-hitting promo cuts, news beds and human interest/PSA themes, specially designed for broadcast news
A versitille collection of classic big band charts plus swingin' clarinet combo styles
High energy club electronica featuring big beat, rock/industrial, breakbeat, trance, techno and rapcore styles
High energy club electronica featuring big beat, rock/industrial, breakbeat, techno and jungle styles
Greece and Turkey are located at one of the most important cultural crossroads of the world. It is natural that both East and West have influences in Greek and Turkish music. Even though both countries are more…
Who doesn't know that feeling having a crush on someone. Blushing cheeks, unable to say a word, quiver and shiver all over. But it's all worth it, when two people get together and it's definitely worth it to ta…
There is almost no movie nowadays without having an eerie scene, where people get the chills. From mass murderers to psychopaths who feast on humans. What can we serve you today - musically of course?
Knights in shining armor, lavish banquets, kings and queens, that's what we think of the middle ages. Imagination is good, but feeling the middle age music is better. 84 Tracks await you to dive in a world full…
Now once again you can experience the fun and excitement of hot swing music. Big Band sounds that will keep you swinging all night long. Check it out.
Edgy, spirited modern rock renditions of popular Christmas tunes
The most popular Christmas themes arranged in a dazzling array of styles, plus original holiday selection
Bone-crushing hardcore nu metal styles with furious guitars, thrash vocals and DJ fx
Fast-paced high energy grooves in a variety of styles featring live rhythm seciton, percussion and horns


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