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Urban Sounds for the hectic city life. Trendy, fast, daily-business. Modern arrangement for a hightech enviroment.
The CD contains religious and romantic themes. As the wishes for Christmas vary, the music of this CD also does. Traditionals included. Bonus Track: Bavarian Traditional x-mas Music "Stubnmusi".
Go for Gold. Tense competitions require dramatic music. This CD contains scores for a variety of moments in sports. Winner or loser, to be the first to reach the finish line is what really counts.
Inspired by quirky English comedy films of the last decade, this is the musical up and down of love, partly arranged with big orchestra, partly modern. A must for people in love.
A CD for all seasons: music for spring, summer, autumn and winter, from rainbow to geysir, from raindrops to thunderstorm. Partly with big orchestra, partly modern arrangement.
The Kursk tragedy caused a huge resonance in the world. Partly very dramatic muisc to calm and peaceful moments. A CD that expresses our heartfelt condolences to the seaman who lost their lives and the families…
Underscore beds in a wide variety of contemporary and traditional scoring styles, featuring solo instruments and small ensembles.
Most of the time body "language" expresses more than words. Be prepared for some tracks illustrating the most usual and beautiful thing in the world and erotic situations in everyone's life.
It's an experience of it's own: the traditional Oktoberfest in Munich. Bavarian Beer ("Löwenbräu") and Bavarian Coziness ("Gemütlichkeit"). Enjoy the typical Bavarian Sound from the beer tents of Munich.
Hot & trendy teen pop styles featuring male & female vocals
Severe diseases require new methods of cure to help sick people. But moral, ethical and religious questions rise from biotechnical experiments, cloning and gene manipulation. This CD illustrates the dilemma wit…
Indigenous music styles from Asia, Africa, The Middle East and Australia, featuring solo instruments and traditional ensembles
Indigenous music styles from the British Isles and Europe, featuring solo instruments and traditional folk ensembles.
Contemporary and traditional gospel styles featuring full vocals, choir, rhythm & horns
Route 66, dusty roads, glimmering heat, the sound of roaring Harleys, black leather jackets. Rock 'n' Roll, Blues and psychedelic guitar licks and riffs. But also music for a romantic easy rider life cruising a…
German Techno and Trance from the Love Parade in Berlin, Munich and Zurich. Millions of sunflowers, sweatpearls & naked bodies dancing to the rhythmic sound of peace & love.
Relaxed club sound in outer space. Trip-Hop, Ambient, spaced out sounds - the score for the cosmological everyday's life.
The hottest pop trends in a wide variety of styles including teen pop, hip hop, Latin, modern rock and dance/ambient
Broadway meets Hollywood in this bright, colorful selection of exceptional themes performed by studio orchestra
Original soundtrack from the worldfamous TV series based on the Thomas Mann novel "Buddenbrooks". Composed by Eugen Thomass, arranged with full orchestra. Various themes for each tonality of nostalgy, romance a…
Sunny, happy, hanging out. The sound for the best time of the year. Smart as a last minute trip and hot as a fiery disco club. But also Reggae, Latin and Caribbean flair for the whole family.
Grap your sweater and a hot grog. It's gonna be cold. Breath taking landscapes and dangerous underwater worlds. Enjoy the chanting of peaceful whales and glaciers in glimmering sunlight with the tranquility of …
Modern orchestra for modern productions. Good for illustrating love, emotions, drama, suspense, psycho or even comedy?
Classic blues guitar of the 20th century featuring electric, slide & acoustic guitars, harmonica, saxes and organ
Dynamic, driving long-form cuts in a wide range of styles including orchestral, pop/rock, sports/motivational, electronica and more


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