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Phat hip-hop/urban styles from uptempo dance trax to downtempo jams
Fresh & fun comedy styles from zany dance groove to quirky ethnic romps
Fast-paced, high energy groove in a variety of styles featuring live rhythm section, percussion and horns
Sensual, evocative chill moods plus hard-driving trance styles
"Guitar Sounds" brings together all major styles from rockabilly to contemporary rock music. While the rockabilly tracks will give you a kick to dance, other tracks will singlehandedly change your mood into rel…
Want to cruise around the globe ? This CD offers a flawless mix of ethnic, folk, Latin and Oriental styles. Musical pictures from Moscow to Texas and from Istanbul to Glasgow. You don't need to search in differ…
Everyday people come together and break up. Love and despair is part of life and most of us have experienced both. MME 811 describes both moods in a fantastic way. All you need to do is listen to this CD and ge…
If you ever looked for dramatic, dangerous and tense music, your search will end on this CD. Music that emphasizes tension and suspense in your film. Suspenseful cinema would be nothing without great score. Cat…
Authentic music from all corners of Asia. Relaxation, healing, meditation and therapeutic music that can change states of mind, body and spirit. A blend of ethno and gamelan themes with life enhancing sounds.
A zany hodgepodge of comedy styles plus whimsical ditties featuring woodwinds
Ultra hip retro lounge styles featuring Hammond organ, horns, and vocals
Powerful epic sports themes, triumphant fanfares, highlight beds, extreme sports, and refelctive/biographical cuts, plus vamps, billboard mixes, stingers and segues
Extremely hip, aggressive grooves featuring rhythm section, processed drums & DJ fx
An extensive collection of over three hundred short musical cues and elements including brass fanfares, big band bumpers, shockers, comedy stingers & fx, woodwind & organ links, guitar stingers, percussion elem…
Life in the city is very versatile. There are stressed people chasing one meeting after the other bu
Get yourself waterproof and explore the world behind your diving goggles. We will put you 10,000 feet under the sea or let you scuba dive in the coral reefs. If you're an editor searching for the best underwate…
Tight jeans and cool sunglasses. Party with us and enjoy the catchy tunes and melodies that keeps you fresh and young. Believe it or not, but most of the tracks are suitable for all kinds of situations where yo…
The idea of this CD is to support cutters and editors with music that pictures heavy industrial machines and assembly lines. Most of the tracks are in a style of techno and electronica which underlines the rhyt…
Life in the fast lane - overcrowded subways and bus stops. Busy taco stands during lunch time and people waiting to be seated in restaurants at dinner time. This is an everyday picture in big cities from New Yo…
The bar's beautiful yet casual atmosphere is emphasized through cool jazz. This CD encompasses a wide range of jazz expression: Contemporary, Progressive, Fusion and Dinner music. A great hangout place for jazz…
A sad memory, a burning soul, a loss of a loving person. Moments in life that seem to be most desperate. The music on this CD is filled with sadness, loneliness and poignant drama, beautifully arranged with a l…
Dynamic, driving long-form cuts in a wide range of motivational and dramatic styles
An outstanding collection of original cues specially designed for trailers, promos and commercials, plus dramatic drones, atmospheres, hits, swishes and stingers
An outstanding collection of original cues specially designed for motion picture trailers, promos and commercials


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