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The completion of the Human Genome Project presented scientists with an extraordinary genetic resource. Nowadays the world is in need of more research on molecular biology, whether it is to prevent diseases or …
World War II was the greatest and most destructive war in history. It was not easy to witness, but once you have, you know it must never happen again. There are few original tracks from diverse WWII movies wit…
The best way to describe feelings are packed in this CD. Exceptional melodies, true and uniquely interpreted by extra ordinary combinations of fresh and undeniable arrangements. The traditional orchestral sound…
Tales of paranormal sightings are always a mysterious issue. Exploring the human mind is like a journey into the unknown.This CD is great for editors looking for music to emphasize mystery and mystique. Give yo…
Some people get in a sexy mood when they listen to smooth and soft music. This CD has a big selection of smooth jazz tunes that paint a vivid and emotional portrait of a city at night. But the music is also sui…
This fine compilation has been arranged and played by mature orchestras and film composers. Many tracks have a preternatural understanding of orchestral timbres and their almost mystical connections with human …
Few can resist the glitter, glitz and suspense of the academy awards night. Where else can you find such a concentration of beauty and fashion? Finally we have compiled a CD that is destined for editors searchi…
Light, positive acoustic beds designed for commercials, promos & PSAs
Light, positive acoustic beds designed for commercial, promos & PSA's
Moody, atmospheric mystery/drama styles featuring chilled grooves, vocals & cello
MME 813 is a collection of fine produced short bridges and stingers for you to edit. This CD consists of diverse atmospheres such as Action to Suspense and Romance to Comedy. If you are looking for a tool that …
Powerful, dynamic tracks for local and national news, from hard-hitting news/investigative beds to uplifting patriotic/prestigious themes
Uptempo, crackin' urban beats featuring the Heart Attack Horns, vocals & DJ fx
Poignant, intimate themes featuring woodwinds, piano and strings
An adrenaline-fueled frenzy of garage, punk and indie rock styles
If you're looking for a mix that's more interesting and up-for-it than most chill-out stuff, than this is the CD for you! You can either listen to it before going out - after going out - it's just a great compi…
Contemporary and traditional romantic Latin ballads featuring acoustic guitars, winds and string orchestra (Baladas romanticas contemporaneas y tradicionales con guitarras acusticas, vientos y orquesta de cuerd…
Autenticos estilos musicales de Brasil y Argentina incluyendo bossa, samba, batucada, chorinho, tango, carnivalito y mas (Authentic musical styles from Brazil and Argentina including bossa, samba, batucada, cho…
Estilos tropicales de música Latina incluyendo salsa, merengue, mambo, cha-cha-chá, reggae y más (Hot Latin tropical styles including salsa, merengue, mambo, cha cha, reggae and more)
Musica regional Mexicana tradicional incluye: norteña, mariachi, banda, cumbia, Tex Mex y bolero (Traditional regional Mexican styles including norteña, mariachi, banda, cumbia, Tex Mex and bolero)
La vanguardia de la música Latina contemporánea y callejera (Contemporary Latin hip-hop and street grooves)
Sexy, explosive hot Latin dance styles (Ardientes y explosivos estilos de Latin dance)
An old rule of comedy is to get curiosity mixed with a little bit of weirdness and good timing = comedy. We've all seen this kind of movie where situations become so odd that everybody bursts out in laughter. M…
Solo violin and piano are characteristic for this kind of genre. This disc is perfect for people searching for traditional "European coffeehouse music". You will also find a couple of tracks with romantic, old…


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