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Rousing orchestral fantasy/adventure themes, lighthearted comedy romps, uplifting inspirational styles and more
Epic orchestral human drama styles for motion picture promotion and advertising
Orchestral action/thriller styles for motion picture promotion and advertising
A warm welcome to a great place stuffed with humorous situations. Laughing is good for the belly muscles and this CD is good for your comedy edits in film or radio. You'll find musical interpretations from quir…
Everyday there is a fight between predators and prey. The rule is simple: survival of the fittest. Pictures of lions chasing African buffalos in the bush are almost a cliché. However, we not only provide you…
Celtic Heritage is a CD that conjures a landscape of green hills and sharp cliffs as far as the eye can see. The music washes you in waves and leaves you peaceful and satisfied after a busy day. Kick back and e…
Classic British shoegaze rock featuring pianos and vocals perfect for in-show features, promos and commercials
A wide selection of drama underscores ranging from tense to poignant to quirky, perfect for TV and film
The riots in the French suburbs are a warning for neglected immigration policy. Many immigrant families - legal or illegal - live in their own communities with no education and no will of integration into the s…
If you like Bossa Nova and Brazilian Jazz played at a more modern style with soft accents and soft vocals then this is for you. But Bossa Brazil also has a variety of smooth and silky timbre that put you direct…
Drama and excitement abound in sports. Bring some of that action and fast-paced music on this CD into your video edit. Each of the five categories, from challenging fights to winning faces, will bring life to s…
When most people hear the word wellness, they think of healthful diet, exercise and maybe stress management. But in reality wellness goes far beyond the standard superficial health advises. From how you breathe…
A unique and versatile collection of client-requested styles ranging from dog-themed hip-hop to Gregorian chant
A chart-topping collection of modern rock cuts including Britpop, punk, garage, acoustic, indie rock styles and more
An explosive mix of garage, punk and indie rock styles
Hot, jammin' old school funk, soul and classic R & B styles featuring The Heart Attack Horns, B3 organ and vocals
Share your love for that great bygone era with our new CD. Lovely, melodic melodies will guide you into a world of kitsch and harmony. Forget about the busy and fast-paced society of today but feel the sweetnes…
The great musicianship and spirit of Dixieland is at its best in this album. Quirky, funny and happy, it is suitable for all kinds of comedic situations or embarrassing moments. Whether it is a a dog chasing a …
Discover the many ways of space expeditions. Imagine trekking in a lunar rover across miles of the Moon's rough surface. Your mission: to explore a crater with suspected deposits of ice. Also ask yourself where…
Are you looking for the blues? There is some really hot guitar work along with some thrilling harp duets and lush soulful piano or horns. You can't only listen to the blues, you have to LIVE the blues to under…
Sexy, electrifying reggaeton styles featuring male and female vocals
High energy club electronica featuring big beat, rock/industrial, techno and breakbeat styles
Phat hip-hop/urban beds plus full-length songs with vocals


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