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Mix for tests of courage with cheeky rocky songs for proper urban and outdoor challenges. Wanna fly high?
Daring make-up mix for extravagant style transformations, from high fashion looks to step by step tutorials for teens. Welcome to the world of wow and how?!
Vintage-Wow mix echoing the sounds of the 70's. Female voices, smart grooves, funky flair and Rock 'n' Roll. Perfectly ironic.
No parents allowed! Self-confidence here, whimsy there. Searching for identity and trying hard to be liked: In-your-face to more obliging sounds for style experiments, BFFs, dressing up and the umpteenth selfi…
Strident quirky mix for oddities of all kinds, charming freaks and grotesque stories with a touch of black humour.
Feel good cheeky Rock 'N Blues mix for laissez-faire and free-hand situations. Who dares?
Action booster for highly explosive fiction, bombastic movie trailers and first-person shooters.
Inhale...exhale... Warm floating mix for healing bodywork, yoga and retreats. Big "Thanks" to yoga expert and author Barbra Noh ("Yoga - A Life of Strength and Grace") for selecting your favourite tunes for thi…
Best friend or hairy little monster, whatever your pet means to you, you'll find it on this fuzzy mix.
Attitude is queen! A strictly girly mix for your daily princess stories, whether you feel beautiful, wild, wonderful or just plain exhausted. Girls just wanna have fun!
Confident electronic mix designed for life in the metropolis, get ready for sophisticated looks and
Salaam. Progressive urban mix for stories and people of the Middle East; their thoughts from right to left spanning deserts and gigantic megacities of the Arab world.
Street style art mix for young urban communities, modern stories, trendy topics and creative thinking whether legal or...Thanks to Nick Flatt, Seeds One and D7606 for contributing your piece of art to this albu…
Welcome to the Dragon Club! Trendy to tense far east mix for stories in Asian megacities, hectic busy streets, traffic jams, rebellious youth and a growing population facing new challenges.
Confidence is king. Whether it's flashy or destroyed style, this fashionable metropolitan mix will c
Afri Can? Modern African-flavoured tracks for urban settings, busy streets, and risky challenges inside and outside Africa. Ideal mix for docu-stories of African people, viewpoint, and scenarios.
Watch your purse! Criminal Beats for gangsters and gangsta attitude, for sneaky stories and dangerous corners.
What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas. Weird and wild mix for unpredictable stories in the desert or on stage, strange folks guaranteed.
Ho Ho Ho Mix for true Santa Claus stories: whether you can't wait, celebrate shopping, love to love
Get up. Get active. Uplifting and progressive music footage for lifestyle sports and gadgets. Ideal buddy for outdoor fun activities and indoor community spirit. Smells like...
Expect the unexpected: provincial charming tunes in funny bizarre moods for hide and seek stories, quirky tragedies and rural mischiefs.
Coming under fire and making really bad headlines: sneaky mix for entangling stories from suspicion to full-blown scandal. The noose tightens...
Some give them a nick name. Others love them souped up. Free your creativity and dream about your car. Mobile mix for auto freaks whether hard tuned, high tech or eco-friendly.
A million dollar bag in the trunk, a sexy hitchhiker in the front. Furious road movie tracks for wild stories: easy and unpredictable, weird and free, stranded and haunted. The chase is on.


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