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Completely unique Sound Design w/ beautiful and intense orchestral layers, passionate vocals, fanatical heavy guitars, yet contrasting suspenseful or heartwarming moments, to then explode again into an emotiona…
Heart warming and tear dropping compositions played by a small group of virtuoso musicians, unfolding an emotive landscape with deepest purpose. No computers used in creating these lush and virtuosic played not…
When shadows reach for the fearing heart, out comes the luminous clarity of hope, Nemesis is an emotional roller-coaster, a collection of the most exciting, distressing and lush hybrid 80-piece orchestral cues …
Epic grand scale 95-piece orchestra, featuring the best of Sound Adventures with the Vienna Symphonic. Styles include spectacular event, sweeping themes, blockbuster drama and action cues for trailers, promos,…
Extreme musical sound design cues that promise a wild ride from electronic to industrial, from hybrid/orchestral to other-worldly. Delivering a shockwave of action build-ups, pulses, suspense beds, trailer intr…
Intense, shockingly emotional, multi-section hybrid trailer action w/ 80 piece orchestra & packed w/ massive percussion, sound design & choir
Spellbinding orchestral music for magical projects
Fearless orchestral trailers for daring productions
European urban electronica for underscore and trailer music usage.
The full spectrum of emotional contour, from intimate precious melodies to the spectacular orchestral fireworks, featuring the Vienna Boys Choir and players of the Vienna Symphonic
Magical motifs, celestial voices, mysterious layers, and ethnic instruments with the support of a full orchestra.
Intense orchestral layers and themes fused with energetic percussion and electronica, featuring players of the Vienna Symphonic
Huge, emotional power-theme trailers featuring players of the Vienna Symphonic

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