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Dark, apocalyptic multi-section trailer action featuring massive percussion, orchestra, choir & sound design
Extreme impact multi-section trailer action featuring massive percussion, orchestra & sound design
Unstoppable Orchestra, Pounding Percussion & hyper-modern FX. Big Builds, Contrasting Lulls, Mega-colossal Outros.
Orchestral-electronic trailer hybrids taken beyond the super-colossal. Loaded w/ builds, drops & clean edit points.
Let’s say you’ve got only 60 seconds to save the world. This trailer album is for eternity. Act without thinking! Action!
Gargantuan orchestra & choir for intelligent action-thriller blockbusters.
Ingredients: Heart pumping drums, adventurous wobble synths, and nail biting strings to have you on the edge of your seat. Espionage and apocalyptic aftermath intertwined and ready to enhance any dramatic or su…
Magical, whimsical, and lighthearted orchestral cues for trailers and promos.
Ingredients: Heavy distorted guitars, ominous strings, and menacing wobble synths for villains and super heroes alike. Get your adrenaline rushing and heart pounding for any top secret mission or legendary batt…
Cinematic and ambient guitar beds & soundscapes from dramatic and dark, to atmospheric and uplifting
Huge Orchestral Beat-Hybrids
Innovation in modern orchestral full-blooded film score.
Orchestral Assaults. Epic Choirs, huge horns, soaring strings & thunderous percussion. Each track builds then explodes. Edit points & underscores. Epic time bombs primed & ready.
Fearless orchestral trailers for daring productions
Spellbinding orchestral music for magical projects
Dark, cataclysmic visions of doom and destruction featuring orchestra and sound design
An epic struggle between good and evil, featuring live choir and orchestra
Full live orchestra & epic choir. Fearless fantasy, intense thriller, heart-stopping action adventure. (Includes orchestra-only 'impact' mixes)
Full live orchestra, beats & electronics. Intense action-adventure, thriller, conspiracy, drama. (Includes orchestra-only 'impact' mixes)
Full live orchestra with soaring guitars & huge live drums: epic fantasies, amazing adventures & life journeys.
A hard-hitting collection of cinematic, vocal and classic dubstep for trailers, promos, games and programming
A unique collection of musical sound design cues featuring atmospheric soundscapes, stutters, pulses, hits & drones
Dramatic and moving film scores to document the destructive forces of nature manifesting in tsunamis, earthquakes, forest fires or tornados.
The full spectrum of emotional contour, from intimate precious melodies to the spectacular orchestral fireworks, featuring the Vienna Boys Choir and players of the Vienna Symphonic
Intense orchestral layers and themes fused with energetic percussion and electronica, featuring players of the Vienna Symphonic


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