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When shadows reach for the fearing heart, out comes the luminous clarity of hope, Nemesis is an emotional roller-coaster, a collection of the most exciting, distressing and lush hybrid 80-piece orchestral cues …
Act galactic, think big and conquer the universe. Spacy trailer mix with universal potential for dramatic cuts, stories of missions to the unknown and superheroes. Too extraterrestrial to be true.  
Big pictures, fast cuts, highly explosive stuff. This epic mix is dedicated to trailer editors and bombastic docu-tainment full of adventure, battles, showdown and heroic deeds. Boom!
Dark Matter Made Music; precision-constructed epic works inc. sound design, hits, edit points, builds & climactic rushes.
Epic grand scale 95-piece orchestra, featuring the best of Sound Adventures with the Vienna Symphonic. Styles include spectacular event, sweeping themes, blockbuster drama and action cues for trailers, promos,…
15 hyper modern drama-scores (& u/scores) for regional crises that impact globally.
Volume Four of the inspired Hardcore Underscore collection features cinematic scene setters, creative music beds, EDM club smashers, and good ol' rock n' roll
Extreme musical sound design cues that promise a wild ride from electronic to industrial, from hybrid/orchestral to other-worldly. Delivering a shockwave of action build-ups, pulses, suspense beds, trailer intr…
Tension and mood cues featuring percussion, atmospheres, synth pads, hits, risers, drones and sound design
Intense, shockingly emotional, multi-section hybrid trailer action w/ 80 piece orchestra & packed w/ massive percussion, sound design & choir
A high-octane blend of rock, electronica and orchestral themes for trailers, videogames and sports
A high-octane blend of rock, electronica and orchestral themes for trailers, videogames and sports
Newfangled epic-hybrid fire from the city of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra.
Fantastical family adventures from the city of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra.
Advanced musical sound design cues featuring cinematic post rock, ambient vocals, action build-ups, percussion and sound design back ends, plus stutters, risers, hits & drones
Advanced musical sound design cues featuring cinematic rock risers, action build-ups, percussion and sound design backends plus pulses, risers & hits
Emphatic emotive dynamics from the city of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra.
Percussion-centric Drama-Score From Our Filmic Futures.
Volume Two of this cutting edge collection: An inspiring mix of quirky indie cinema beds, positive underscores, action soundtracks, and hard rock.
Volume Three of the cutting edge Hardcore Underscore collection features a mashup of funky club bangers, cinematic scene setters and cool electro rockers.
Majestik & Bombastik Alt-Pop Exhilaration (Led by powerful panoramic percussion & emotive melodies).
Quirky motivational underscores, meet gritty and aggressive bed music in Volume One of this cutting edge collection.
Modern Orchestral-rock-electronic hybrids. Acuttely intense & vividly fear-inducing. (Big builds, contrasting lulls, mega-colossal 
Futuristic, ambient, scientific, glitchy grooves with IDM, illbient, future beat flare for documentary, science technology, modern background.
Raw Riffs At Terminal Velocity.


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