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A fresh collection of contemporary comedy cuts, including comic romps and dances, wacky jazz tunes, "in the style of" parodies, plus comedy stingers.
A collection of news and sports music, including prestigious themes, action news beds, and driving sports cuts.
The best in big band and jazz combo styles, including classic swing and ballroom cuts, bebop and "hot club" styles, intimate piano trios, plus big band stingers and bumpers.
The best of rhythm and blues, including funk, gospel, rock and soul.
A collection of pop/rock cuts in a wide variety of styles, including rap, dance, disco, blues, and 50's & 60's rock.
High impact action/thriller cuts, poignant human drama themes, sultry sensual drama, plus exciting DRAMA DESIGN elements.
A collection of high impact Action/Thriller cuts and intriguing Mystery/ Suspense beds, plus drama Sound Design and FX.
A collection of over one-hundred great promo cuts in the following styles: drama, contemporary, classical, well-known songs, "in the style of...", Christmas, special occasions, plus stingers, links, and fanfare…


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