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Been partying all night. Twilight, walking back, exhausted but happy. No hangover - yet. Relax and calm down.
Saturday night, all dressed up, going to your favourite club. Moving around, anticipating. The feeling is right - make it last.
It's been a long night. Too much alcohol, too many cigarettes. Heading home in the early hours of the morning, feeling somewhat light-headed. Deserted streets, a slight drizzle. Dustbin men begin to clear the s…
Dark and enigmatic: a secret underground session, the lights are gloomy, the atmosphere somber and strange. Masked figures executing ceremonious acts, naked bodies chanting and moving to the rhythm, hypnotized.…
Espionage and counterespionage, beautiful women and ugly secrets, fast cars and slow-burning cigars, money gained and money lost, lust for power and lust for more, dry Martinis and very dry humour...
The facelessness of a big city, anonymous concrete blocks smeared with graffity, youths ganging up, the wailing of police sirenes. The atmosphere is charged, threatening, the calm before the storm.
A must for all TV-addicts: a colourful mixture of TV-trailers for all uses.
Candle light dinner, two people. Emotions that can't be expressed better than the sweet melody of his Steinway Grand. Romantic pieces that say more than a thousand words.
A Spanish tapas bar, Sherry casks and black olives. Old Spaniards, their faces weather-beaten and marked by life, young girls with colourful, seductive dresses. The sound of Spanish guitars and castanets: passi…
Travelling overland, a dusty road disappearing on the horizon, sweltering heat, no shadow, no shelter, dying for a beer. Suddenly, the sound of steal guitars coming from that run-down truckstop...
Travelling across the open land in a jeep, watching exotic animals. Feeling slightly unnerved when hearing their unaccustomed cries above the quiet of the night. African tribes performing a ritual dance, abando…
Light contemporary pop/drama moods featuring acoustic guitars and vocals
Light contemporary pop/drama moods featuring acoustic guitars and vocals
Powerful, dramatic pan global themes featuring world percussion and vocals
Fat & funky big beat styles techno, trance, trip hop, jungle, drum & bass and more.
An intoxicating blend of retro lounge styles featuring exotic mambox, classy cha cha's, archive TV cuts, 60s spy themes and more
High impact promo drama beds with combinable submixes and sound design elements.
Big 80's-style party cuts featuring fat synths, rockin' guitars, live horns & organ.
Cutting-edge high impact drama with techno/rock influences
A wide selection of drama styles ranging from intense orchestral thriller cuts to poignant human drama themes, plus light mystery beds, PSA themes and more
Alternative rock and pop styles featuring acoustic guitars and vocals.
A contemporary collection of promo cuts, news beds and PSA themes, specially designed for broadcast news
A virtual toolkit for animation scoring, featuring a wide variety of comedy cues with alternate endings and bumpers, plus stingers, links and more.
Featuring music from many of Hollywood's top motion picture trailers, this versatile collection offers a dazzling variety of great cuts for film and television, plus hits, stingers and drones
A contemporary collection featuring the exotic colors and rhythms of acoustic world instuments


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