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A range of acoustic driven music from upbeat and happen to somber and sad, designed for use in reality TV underscore, promo and commercials
Aqua Net and spandex make a comeback with this compilation that has all the dirty, sleazy, inebriated Rock 'N Roll you've been missing in your productions. Ideal for anything needing that an 80's rock party att…
An eclectic combination of Funk, Jazz and Rock for use in PSAs and reality TV Underscores
Sultry mid-tempo electro dance and funk cues using old school grooves with disco electric guitar then layering modern EDM-style synths. Perfect for lifestyle commercials and reality TV show underscore
A combination of determination, aggression and passion with hints of Detroit soul glued together with hip-hop and R&B beats; this album of anthemic Hip-hop is well suited for sports programming, urban radio and…
High energy hit-radio-style club EDM tracks, targeted at Commercials, Promos and Reality TV looking for Youthful, Party, and Lifestyle beds
Urban, pop and EDM styles fresh off the charts featuring full male and female vocals
Catchy, feel-good, anthemic retro soul, R&B and pop songs featuring full male and female vocals
Light, whimsical, playful, eccentric tracks featuring pizzicato strings, piano, woodwinds and percussion
Fun, happy, hooky super hi-energy rock tracks designed for promos, commercials and trailers
Powerful, sexy radio-ready rock featuring all female vocals, pounding drums and attitude to burn
Careful what you inhale and consume! Subtle tense to dramatic pollution mix for threatening developments, Slow poisoning and contaminated sceneries.
Let’s party! Hip-Hip-Hooray mix for quirky family celebrations, wild teenage jamboree and public partying.
Pure facts please. Reduced mix in neutral tone for political news features, latest polls and big topics.
The way we're living and consuming is affecting our environment and climate. This minimalistic mix supports neutral facts and statistics, figures in question and invisible dangers.
Glamourista attitude is queen whether you are sitting in the first catwalk row or taking out your real-life garbage. Be your own style maker!
Welcome to the cloud! Digital native mix for online activities and social networking. Setup and get social!
Ridiculously Ripe, Raw & Raucous. (inc. some vocals)
Next-Year-Now Pop Music. (full female vocal songs)
Tough & ruff-stuff action hybrids.
Live & Moody. Dark & Beautiful. Raw & Redemptive.
Ingredients: Corner hugging Classic Rock, bottle popping Urban Dance and Carnival Street party Brazilian Fusion. Raw rhythm tracks, perfect for promos, commercials and anything that needs a groove without the c…
Ingredients: Street festival percussion, smooth Latin grooves, and rowdy synth and guitar elements. Brazilian fusions with Hip-Hop, Rock, and EDM.
Ingredients: Club stomping bass, bubbly arpeggiations, and triplet Trap hats. Dynamic blends of Hip-Hop and Electronic genres for maximum exercise fuel, pregame inspiration or late night euphoria.


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