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Party-starting moombahton, house, tropical house, big room and EDM tracks ranging from mellow to massive
Extreme musical sound design cues featuring aggressive hits, action build-ups, pulses, risers, ambient pads and rhythmic percussion beds
Current chart-topping Latin styles including rock en español, pop, alternativo, urbano, reggaeton and more (Los estilos actuales latinos mas populares incluyendo rock en español, pop, alternativo, urbano, reg…
Old school East & West Coast hip-hop meets Atlanta trap beats and urban club styles
Hard-hitting promo beds specially designed for local news stories including breaking news, crime, investigation, politics, weather and more
Hard-hitting promo beds specially designed for local news stories including breaking news, crime, investigation, politics, weather and more
Knock it 'til the wheels fall off with this album of hard, aggressive, epic and bass heavy hip-hop tracks; perfect for reality TV, radio beds and sports
From quirky to angry, funky to anxious, this album has variety of styles all taken to an intense extreme and turned up a notch with lots of distortion and saturation; great for reality TV, sports, underscore an…
Smooth and sensuous R&B grooves with hip-hop undertones tell the story of love, loss, heartache and victory; designed for reality TV, radio beds and sports montages
The next evolution of Dubstep for TV and Film with Lots of stops, breaks, glitch stutters and style changes throughout; great for promos, commercials and sports
Sparse and stripped down, these "less-is-more" hip-hop tracks are perfect for reality TV and radio beds
Inward-looking emotional music for tender, dramatic, heart-felt scenes; Perfect for reality TV underscore, PSAs, and TV commercials
Atlanta has its own sound and it's right here! Suspenseful, eerie and atmospheric hip-hop tracks perfect for reality TV and radio beds
Smash heavy guitars, pounding drums and distorted, buzzy synths together and into an onslaught of hard rock fury; Ideal for Sports, reality TV and promos or commercials looking for an edgy, aggressive sound
Pop energy melded with current hip-hop trends creates this Top 40 worthy album of tracks created specifically for use in reality TV, radio beds, sports, promos and commercials
Solo acoustic 12-string guitar in a variety of light, relaxed and happy styles; great for reality TV, promos and commercials
Hip-Hop goes south of the border in this authentic Central American and Caribbean hip-hop album; ideal for reality TV, radio beds, promos and commercials
R&B styles straight from the top of the radio charts, ideal for reality TV underscore and radio beds
Turn back the clock around your neck and check out this assortment of styles from back in the day; perfect for commercials, radio beds, promos and reality TV
Dramatic and emotional tension cues with orchestral elements superimposed over hip-hop beats, specifically designed for reality TV and radio beds.
Inhale...exhale... Warm floating mix for healing bodywork, yoga and retreats. Big "Thanks" to yoga expert and author Barbra Noh ("Yoga - A Life of Strength and Grace") for selecting your favourite tunes for thi…
Action booster for highly explosive fiction, bombastic movie trailers and first-person shooters.
Fresh, cool and current.
In-awe & emotively-epic modern electronica-score. Swirls, Soars & Switches from bespoke modular synths & precision beats.


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